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Episode 6 - Matt Trask

Ben is joined by Matt Trask to discuss his path in to tech, why community matters more than code, personal finance, cycling, and Star Wars.

Episode 5 - Gergely Orosz

Ben is joined by Gergely Orosz to discuss competitive swimming, engineering career paths at big tech, his path to self employment, and the writing process.

Episode 4 - Zach Inglis

Ben is joined by Zach Inglis to discuss his sleep schedule, nomadic life, and how he approaches making the world a better place.

Episode 3 - Randall Kanna

Ben is joined by Randall Kanna to discuss her personal life and career. We discuss why she chose not to pursue a CS degree, the fortitude it took to get in to tech as...

Episode 2 - Maia Bittner

Ben is joined by Maia Bittner to discuss her personal life and career. Delving in to how her anxiety has driven her so far but she's working to recalibrate for what's...

Episode 1 - Taylor Otwell

Ben is joined by Taylor Otwell to discuss his personal life, what drives him, how he got started with Laravel, and what's next.

Episode 0 - Intro

A quick intro to the idea behind the podcast.

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